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The ADSS SPOC Service acts as a unique endpoint for online communication with foreign states. It is a single point of contact for domestic and foreign DVs to get certificates from national CVCA. Similarly, it enables domestic DVs to get certificates from a foreign CVCA by communicating with foreign SPOCs. ADSS SPOC Service communicates with domestic DVCAs and CVCAs over BSI TR-03129 protocol and communicates with foreign SPOCs over CSN 36 9791 protocol.
ADSS Server SPOC can process requests both synchronously and asynchronously. In asynchronous mode, the request will be stored in database with 'pending' status that will be displayed to operators on the screen. An operator can accept a certificate request after proper vetting and validation.  

The main admin screen for the ADSS SPOC Service is shown below. Details of the key features are described in the following sections:

Configuring the SPOC Service
Manage Requests
Manage Certificates
General Messages
Transactions Log Viewer
Logs Archiving

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