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The ADSS LTANS Service provides long-term archiving and notary services that follow the IETF LTANS draft and RFC 6283 XML ERS standard. The service generates evidence records (ERS) data for the requesting client application which would typically be a document or record management system. This service is packaged and licensed within the ADSS Archive Server.

ADSS Archive Server also enables long-term secure archiving of corporate documents, emails and data using digital signature and timestamp technologies. If required it can also archive the original data with the ERS data produced. Archive policies of different types can be defined that specifies the retention period to refresh the evidence record.

ADSS Archive Server excels because of its scalability, resilience and its ability to intelligently handle archive data objects in ways that suit the business requirements and document size so that performance is optimized. The attention to detail in security management including optional dual control of specific features, management reporting and transaction log views of archive information are in advance of anything seen elsewhere and these aspects are key to minimizing operations staff time and costs.

The following image shows LTANS Service sub-modules, details of which are given in the next sections:

The following sections describe how to configure the ADSS LTANS Service. 

Configuring the LTANS Service
Archive Data Log
Transactions Log Viewer
Logs Archiving
Management Reporting
LTANS Service Interface URLs

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