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The ADSS SCVP Service supports the RFC5055 Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP), a protocol for determining the path between an X.509 digital certificate and a trusted root; and the validation of that path according to a particular validation policy. ADSS SCVP Service supports two modes of operation which may be used in combination or separately:

Multiple validation policies can be established for each registered CA by applying a range of advanced validation options. Validation policies can also be defined for non-registered intermediate CAs.

Delegated Path Discovery (DPD)

When trying to discover the certificate path between an X.509 digital certificate and a trusted root, the ADSS SCVP Service performs the following actions in the given order:
Delegated Path Validation (DPV)

Once the certification path is discovered/determined then it is validated using the following tests:

 Following image shows the ADSS SCVP Service's home page and sub-modules, details of which are given in the next sections:

The following sections describe how to configure the ADSS SCVP Service.

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