November 2023

Improvements in this Release

  • Updated Firebase Connector for Push Notifications (SHE-40364)
    • SigningHub's Firebase push notifications integration now supports the latest HTTP v1 API.
  • Automatically Close the Document Viewer (SHE-38746)
    • SigningHub’s enterprise role now has a setting to automatically close the document viewer upon completion of mandatory actions performed by signers.
  • New "Get User Certification Password" API (SHE-38878)
    • The "Get User Certification Password" API has been introduced to allow business applications to retrieve the system-generated user certificate password of the currently logged-in user.
  • Open ID Connect (OIDC) Update (SHE-40795)
    • SigningHub's OIDC implementation has been updated to resolve authentication issues when logging in using 3rd party providers.
  • Remember Me Functionality (SHE-40461)
    • The "Remember Me" functionality has been enhanced to retain the email address used for login via third-party private authentication methods.
  • Support for Thai Characters (SHE-41024)
    • SigningHub Mobile Web has been improved to allow the uploading of documents that contain Thai characters in the document name.
  • Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) Update (SHE-41084)
    • SigningHub's CSC implementation has been updated to resolve authentication issues when performing signatures using 3rd party providers.
  • Database Query Optimization (SHE-41094, 41092)
    • SigningHub’s database queries have been optimized: 
      • for seamlessly sharing workflows.
      • for improving the overall performance of SigningHub.
  • Updated Third-Party Libraries (SHE-41069, 41112, 41118)
    • Several third-party libraries have been updated.
  • Signing Authentication via OTP (SHE-41111)
    • SigningHub mobile apps' logic has been improved to correctly map the user's mobile number to allow signing authentication via OTP.
  • Validation Improvement (SHE-41122)
    • System validation has been improved for the in-person level of assurance where the "In-Person Signing" feature is enabled in the service plan.

Deprecated Features and Important Changes

  1. From 8.6.2 onwards, to send push notifications: 
    • Following a system upgrade, the existing Firebase connectors will be rendered obsolete and will have to be reconfigured by providing the "Project ID" and the "Private key file".
    • For fresh system installations, a new Firebase connector will have to be configured. Once created, the connector will have to be manually reconfigured as the "Default Push Notification Connector".

Compatibility with Earlier Versions of SigningHub

SigningHub (iOS) & (Android) 8.6.2 are compatible with the 8.5 version of SigningHub except for the features that are mentioned in the Deprecated Features and Important Changes section above.