May 2023

New Features

  • Support for eID Easy (SHE-36233)
    • SigningHub 8.5 adds support for eID Easy, eID Easy provides a simple API for Qualified Electronic Signature methods as well as for strong customer authentication for Remote Signing Service Providers that do not support the CSC interface.
  • Support for Electronic Seals (SHE-35877)
    • SigningHub Sign now supports the electronic sealing feature. This enables organizations to apply e-seals in an automated way, using the digital certificates issued to their legal entity, to convey the integrity and authenticity of invoices, statements, and other official documents.

Improvements in this Release

  • XML Document Viewer Switch (SHE-37319)
    • SigningHub has been improved to allow users to switch between an XML document and a HTML-formatted view of the document from within the SigningHub viewer.
  • Improved sizing options for QR Codes (SHE-36210)
    • SigningHub now allows users to manage the size of QR codes.
  • Service Maintenance Message (SHE-33157)
    • SigningHub now allows administrators to publish a service maintenance message. This message is displayed, to users at the Login screen, Dashboard, and the Document Viewer screen within SigningHub Desktop Web.
  • Restrict Users to Only Use Personal Contacts and Groups (SHE-32858)
    •  SigningHub now allows Enterprise Admins to restrict the users to only use their personal contacts and personal groups.
  • Re-direction to the Call-back URL (SHE-35610)
    • SigningHub now allows the Enterprise Admin to configure a call-back URL for integrations. Once the user has performed signatures or In-Person signatures, they are automatically redirected to the configured call-back URL.
  • Signature Appearance Design for Simple Electronic Signatures (SHE-36078)
    • SigningHub now provides users with the option to customise the signature appearance for simple electronic signatures.
  • Updating Level of Assurance of a Signature or an In-Person Signature Field (SHE-29733)
    • Document owner, and shared space participants can update the level of assurance for "Signature" or "In-Person Signature" fields, when documents are in, "In-Progress" or "Pending".
  • Name and Email Attribute fields for Office 365 Connector (SHE-35608)
    • SigningHub now allows you to configure the "[Name]” and the "[Email]” Attribute fields in the Office 365 connector, this enables SigningHub retrieve name and email information to be used in user registration.
  • Auto-detect Location of Unregistered Users (SHE-34086)
    • SigningHub now has the option to auto-detect the location and time-zone of unregistered users, at the time of signing, this requires a GeoIP connector be configured SigningHub.
  •  Go>Sign Error Report (SHE-36836)
    • SigningHub now publishes a webhook for errors that occur while signing using the ADSS Server Go>Sign Service and Go>Sign JS.
  •  Shared Enterprise Library to specific enterprise users (SHE-31595)
    • SigningHub now provides the Enterprise Admin with an option to either allow all, any, or none of the enterprise library documents, to each enterprise user role. Enterprise users will only be able to view and use the allowed enterprise library documents.
  • Option to Create and Manage Library Folders (SHE-34289)
    • SigningHub now enables users to manage their library documents better by enabling them to create personal and enterprise library folders and move documents between folders.   
  • SigningHub Content Security Policy (SHE-19320)
    • SigningHub Content Security Policy for the Admin, Web, and Mobile Web will now be retrieved automatically from the database and will be managed from the SigningHub Admin.
  • Client Credentials flow at the time of Service Authorization (SHE-33899)
    • SigningHub now has the option to perform signatures using the CSC Server via Client Credentials, without requiring any manual service authorisation at the time of signing.
  • Option to Search a Document based upon a Recipient (SHE-36989)
    • SigningHub now allows users to search for documents, based upon a recipient's name or email, using the advanced search feature available in the "Documents" section of the "Enterprise Settings".
  • RUT Error Report (SHE-37626)
    • SigningHub now publishes a webhook for errors that occur when RUT is not configured. 
  • "Forgot Password" Link Expiration (SHE-36093)
    • Upon generating a new "Forgot Password" link, the system will cause all the previously generated "Forgot Password" links to expire. 
  • Support for TOTP as a 2FA Method (SHE-33638)
    • SigningHub now supports Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) for two factor authentication (2FA) for Login, Document Access, and Document Signing Authentication.
  • Mandatory Document Access and Signing Authentication for a Workflow (SHE-35436)
    • SigningHub now provides the Document Owner with an option to set mandatory "Document Access Authentication" and "Document Signing Authentication", for all the recipients in a workflow.
  • Handling of Documents containing Properties (SHE-30807, SHE-31075)
    • SigningHub now allows the Document Owner to choose which properties (i.e., Signatures, Compliance, and Attachments) they want to preserve, upon uploading and merging a document that contains properties.
  • Twilio SMS Connector Updates (SHE-38411)
    • SigningHub now requires its users to configure an alphanumeric sender ID within the Twilio connector; for sending an SMS message to a United Kingdom (UK) mobile number.

Deprecated Features and Important Changes

  1. From SigningHub 8.5 onwards, in the case of pre-authorisation of users in Azure Active Directory, in addition to "User.Read", an additional mandatory permission, "Directory.Read.All", will have to be configured.
  2. From SigningHub 8.5 onwards, the Content Security Policy will no longer be available in the web.config file as it will be now be fetched from the database.
  3. In order to send an SMS message to a United Kingdom (UK) mobile number, the user will have to configure an alphanumeric sender ID within the Twilio connector.

Tested Operating Systems

Operating System

Tested Version(s)


  • Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 

Note: TLS 1.3 is enabled by default for installations of Windows Server 2022, integrated applications should support this version of TLS. For application integrations that do not support this and need to be updated, customers can disable TLS 1.3 over TCP in the IIS Bindings. 

Tested Database Server

Database Server

Tested Version(s)


  • SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016 (Express, Standard and Enterprise Editions) 
  • Azure SQL Database (Database-as-a-service)


  • 19c

Customers who are running SigningHub with Microsoft SQL Server 2016, need to upgrade the database instance to service pack 2. To download service pack 2, visit Microsoft's Download Center. 

Supported Upgrades

Ascertia SigningHub 8.5 supports the following upgrade paths:

Upgrades Paths


7.7.8 to 8.5

  • Manuals steps are required as mentioned in the SigningHub Upgrade guide - 7.7.x to 8.x.x *

7.7.9 to 8.5

  • Manuals steps are required as mentioned in the SigningHub Upgrade guide - 7.7.x to 8.x.x *

8.0 to 8.5

  • No manual steps are required.

8.1 to 8.5

  • No manual steps are required.

8.2 to 8.5

  • No manual steps are required.

8.3 to 8.5

  • No manual steps are required.

8.4 to 8.5

  • No manual steps are required.

* SigningHub Upgrade guide - 7.7.x to 8.x.x, this document can be found on the Ascertia Community portal in the documentation section for SigningHub or in the docs folder of the SigningHub 8.5 product release. If you require further assistance with upgrading SigningHub, please contact Ascertia customer support.

Supported ADSS Server

Version (s)



  • All features are supported


  • All features are supported

  • Add "XADES_SIGNATURE_TYPE" key, with value "ES-X-L", to perform a XAdES Extended signature (SHE-32780)

Compatibility with Earlier Versions of SigningHub

SigningHub (iOS) & (Android) 8.5 are compatible with the 8.4 version of SigningHub except for the features that are mentioned in the Deprecated Features and Important Changes section above.

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