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OCSP Service Interface URLs

The URLs shown below should be used by applications when sending OCSP requests to the ADSS Server OCSP Service:

 Plain HTTP:  http://MachineName:8777/adss/ocsp
 Server Authentication:  https://MachineName:8778/adss/ocsp
 Mutual Authentication:  https://MachineName:8779/adss/ocsp

The URLs shown below can also be used because by default the ADSS Server OCSP Service can be accessed without specifying a path URI:
 Plain HTTP:  http://MachineName:8777
 Server Authentication:  https://MachineName:8778
 Mutual Authentication:  https://MachineName:8779

To configure ADSS Server to listen on ports 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS communications refer to the "A Quick Guide for ADSS-OCSP-Server" and the section “Configuring the OCSP Service URL”.   

The Tomcat configuration files must be re-configured to enable this change. Follow this KB article to chnage the default ports for ADSS Server Service URLs:

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