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The service can be configured to generate email, SMS and/or SNMP alerts when the following events occur:

System operators who will receive these alerts can be configured here as well:

The configuration items are as follows:

When non-issued certificate request received 
When enabled, an alert is sent whenever a request is received for a certificate which is not issued by a CA.
Internal error occurred When enabled, an alert is sent whenever an internal error has occurred during the request processing (e.g. database was not accessible).
Unable to use log signing Key at auto-archiving time When enabled, an alert is sent whenever system is unable to use the Log Signing Key at auto-archiving time.

The Log Signing Key is configured in Global Settings > System Certificates module.
When archiving is performed When enabled, service will send an alert whenever auto-archiving is performed.
>> and << These buttons are used to select and deselect system operators to whom alerts are sent. Operators in the "Selected Operators" list will receive the configured alerts.

Click Save button for the changes to take effect.

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