Virtual CSP - A custom provider for Microsoft Windows CSP
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Virtual CSP is a custom provider for Microsoft Windows Cryptographic Service Providers (CSPs), which allows you to sign documents remotely on ADSS Server.  It removes the need for local hardware such as smart cards and USB Tokens, but without changing the user experience. The signing keys and certificates are managed centrally at the server side.

Users can sign any document/file directly within their business applications without the need to upload to a hosted service.  In addition, the application file format is retained after the signing process.  This means no automatic conversion to PDF or other formats.

Virtual CSP is in fact a Windows plugin for Microsoft Cryptographic Service Provider to manage your remote certificates. This plugin hooks into the Windows CSP module and pushes your server held digital certificates into your Windows Keystore for signing documents and other data from different desktop applications. 

The access to the signing keys is protected by remote authorisation that is done via Ascertia Go>Sign Mobile app available for iOS and Android. Signing can be performed using any CAPI or CNG aware application. These can be off-the-shelf Microsoft Office applications or any 3rd party application like Adobe Acrobat Professional or custom desktop apps.

Virtual CSP supports the following authentication options to perform signing:

  • No Authentication
  • Password Authentication
  • Remote Authorisation using Ascertia Go>Sign Mobile app
  • Password and Remote Authorisation using Ascertia Go>Sign Mobile app
  • Remote Authorisation using SigningHub Mobile app

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