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Cancel your payment agreement

Though we will not be pleased to let you go, but sometimes we have to say goodbye. 
You may cancel your payment agreement with SigningHub anytime, even after buying a service plan. In this way, SigningHub will immediately terminate all your next scheduled (recurrent) payments, however you can still enjoy SigningHub services till the Next Payment Date* is not reached. As after that date your account will be downgraded to the default (free) service plan.

The cancel payment option is available to the account owners only. Also for any reason, if the Next Payment Date of your account has passed without payment, your SigningHub account will be automatically downgraded to the default (free) service plan. 

Cancel your payment agreement

  1. Login with your enterprise admin or individual account (in case you are an individual user) credentials.
  2. Click your profile drop down menu (available at the top right corner).
  3. Click the "Billing" option. This will open the "Billing" tab and display the history of payments made by you, as shown in the below image.

  4. Click the "Cancel Payment Agreement" button.

  5. A dialog will appear to specify reason of cancellation. Specify the reason and click the "Proceed" button.
    The payment agreement will be cancelled and your billing status will become "Inactive" as shown below. Your account will be downgraded to the default (free) service plan after the Next Payment Date.

1. ​The "Cancel Payment Agreement" option is available to the respective account owners only.
2. Next Payment Date* refers to the date on which SigningHub initiates next recurrent payment request for your account.

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