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Documents Sharing - A Document Owner's View

SigningHub allows configuring a customised document approval process (workflow) according to your business needs. You can add signers, meeting hosts, editors, reviewers, form fields, initials, in-persons, signature type, signature position, signing sequence, configure reminders and much more in a document workflow. This configuration process is also called document preparation.

The set configurations can also be saved in the form of a document template for future use. The saved template can then be applied on the similar documents for efficient and robust re-usability of these workflow configurations.

Configure workflow details to prepare a document
  1. Click the "Documents" option, available at the top of the SigningHub screen. You can also start a new workflow from your SigningHub Dashboard.
  2. Select an appropriate variant from the "New Workflow" button, i.e. Only me/ Me and others/ Just others.
  3. Add document(s) to share.
  4. Add recipient(s) and placeholder(s) as required.
  5. Configure workflow type/ order.
  6. Configure special privileges for each recipient/ placeholder as required (optional).
  7. Add email message and workflow related comments (optional)
  8. Click the "Next" button to proceed to the document viewer screen.
  9. Configure miscellaneous preferences as required (optional).
  10. Add data fields in the workflow as required.
  11. Once you are done with the required configurations, click the "Share Now" button to send off the documents package.

Share documents through a template:
Using a template is a quick and efficient way of document sharing. If you have standard files that you need to send out over and over again, templates are a great, time saving way to go, see details.

1. Whenever a documents package is shared, the workflow quota of respective document owner's account is consumed, and hence the available count is decreased by one.
2. SigningHub embeds fonts, graphics, annotations, and other necessary content within a PDF file to make your documents fully compliant with the PDF/A-1b standard. This content embedding is required by ISO 19005-1, and is usually associated with a document's visual appearance. However a processed PDF through SigningHub may show non compliance with the PDF/A-1b standard, when a Date field or transparent PNG image rendering is used in it.

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