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Documents Signing - A Recipient's View

When you receive a document for signing/ reviewing/ editing/ hosting in-person signatures, it is shown with the "Pending" status. You are also notified through an email from SigningHub with the link of the shared document. 

Since each pending document is associated with a workflow, so they are shared with certain exclusive permissions (e.g. printing, downloading, access duration, password protection, etc.) by the respective document owner.

Sign a pending document
  1. Click the "Documents" option, available at the top of the SigningHub screen.
    Or click the "Pending" count link from your SigningHub Dashboard.
  2. From your documents list, locate the pending document to sign, and click the "Sign" button against it.
    The document will be opened for signing.

    Alternatively, you can skip the above two steps and follow the document link in the notification email that has been sent to you by SigningHub. This will directly open the document for signing.

  3. Add/ download attachments as required (optional). 
  4. Merge other PDF files as required (optional).
  5. Use the allowed document permissions as required (optional).
  6. Fill in the form components (if any configured for you)
    • Fill in the form fields (if any configured for you)
    • Add your initials (if any configured for you)
    • Add your in-person signatures (if any configured for you)
    • As configured, add your digital signature(s) or e-signature, and click the "Close" button.
    • Add signing related comments (if any).

      In case you don't agree with the document content or with any of its clause, you may refuse signing and decline the document.

    ​1. If you delete a pending document from your documents list without signing, it is considered as declined.
    2. SigningHub embeds fonts, graphics, annotations, and other necessary content within a PDF file to make your documents fully compliant with the PDF/A-1b standard. This content embedding is required by ISO 19005-1, and is usually associated with a document's visual appearance. However a processed PDF through SigningHub may show non compliance with the PDF/A-1b standard, when a Date field or transparent PNG image rendering is used in it.  

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