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Why SigningHub?

SigningHub sets the industry benchmark in terms of: 
  1. Making the process of applying & verifying advanced digital signatures extremely easy. This is the key to high user adoption - the process must be simple, quick, seamless and enjoyable experience! 
    SigningHub users can review and sign documents from any location, on any device and at any time. Documents are synched across multiple devices so that the latest information is always available.

  2. Utilising the most advanced cryptographic security in innovative ways to minimise the complexity for users. As a result SigningHub can produce the strongest level EU Qualified Signatures that are verifiable and legally enforceable for the long-term. You no longer have to choose between security or ease of use – have both!

  3. Integrating & embedding the SigningHub functionality easily within your own business application web pages, by using the high-level API so that you remain in complete control of the branding and the user experience.

  4. Flexible deployment - choose between SigningHub Enterprise for an on-premise deployment, our public SigningHub Cloud service or a privately hosted cloud service.

  5. Providing a complete out of the box e-Trust infrastructure, including Certificate Authority (CA), real-time Validation Authority (VA) and Time Stamp Authority (TSA) servers. No other single solution globally can offer this level of functionality! Existing enterprise, internet or national level trust service providers can also be registered as trust anchors. Adobe CDS and AATL based signatures are fully supported for automatic trust in Adobe Reader. 

SigningHub digital signatures can provide Legal enforceability, traceability & accountability by providing strong evidence that electronic documents are 100% protected and signed by a particular person at a specific date & time and without any document changes occurring.  

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