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Viewing your service plan & invoices

To view your current service plan,
  1. Click your name from the top menu.
  2. Select the "Service Plan" option, as marked with an arrow on the image below.


  1. Click the "Billing" option from the top menu.
    In case you are an enterprise user, then the availability of "Billing" option is subject to your respective enterprise role.
  2. Click the "Billing" tab. The first tab i.e. "Billing" will be opened by default.
    The system will display the history of payments made by you, as shown in the below image. You may click the invoice record to see its respective details.

  3. Click your service plan to view its details. From here you may upgrade your service plan by clicking the "Upgrade" button.

  4. Click the invoice number to view invoice details.

​The "Service Plan" option is available to the account owners only.

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