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Viewing & downloading document attachments

You can view and download the document attachments, if they have been added by the document owner during the workflow configuration. However you can also add document attachments before signing, if it has been permitted to you by the document owner. SigningHub allows two types of attachments, they are:

Signed Attachments:
The Signed attachments become the part of document hash in the workflow, and they are automatically signed along with the document signing. The recipients can download these attachments upon their signing turn.

Unsigned Attachments:
The Unsigned attachments are added as annotations in the workflow, and they are not signed with the document signing. The recipients can just view these attachments upon their signing turn.

To view the attachments,

  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Open the pending document to sign.
  3. In case the document has got any Unsigned attachment, a message will be displayed on document opening to read them. Click OK to move to the "Attachments" screen and view attachments.

  4. Alternatively, click the "More Actions" option, and then click the "Attachments" option from the right menu to move to the "Attachments" screen. 

  5. A provision will appear on secondary right menu from where you can view, download and add (if permitted) the document attachments. Use the "Signed Attachments" and "Unsigned Attachments" tabs to switch between the signed and unsigned attachments respectively. The adjacent count with each tab shows the total number of attachments in it. The signed attachments can be downloaded by using , while the unsigned can only be viewed by using

    The and  options (as marked with an arrow on the image) shows that you have been permitted to add and delete attachments. You can use them to add/ delete document attachments under respective tab for other recipients, when required.

  6. Proceed to sign the document.

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