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Updating a pending document

Document editing/ updating is also a part of document workflow and is used for the approval purposes. However, the updating activity does not involve digital signatures. Being an editor you can either update the document or can simply decline it.

To update a pending document,
  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Open the pending document to update. 
    Alternatively you can also follow the document link in the intimation email that has been sent to you.
  3. Click the yellow highlighted "Start Navigation" caption and the system will take you to the first initial field.
  4. The initials fields assigned to you will be highlighted in orange color along with your name as shown in the image. Click the field to fill in your initials.

  5. The "Fill Initials Field" provision will appear in the secondary right menu. Select the initials type (Text/ Draw/ Upload) to fill in the field accordingly.
  6. Click the "Done" button. The "Fill Initials Field" provision will disappear.
  7. Repeat the step 3 (to fill in your other assigned fields) till the yellow highlighted "Next Fill" caption is changed into "Next Submit" caption (see the step 9). The system wont let you submit the document unless you fill in all your initials and mandatory form fields in the document.
    Also you cannot fill in the initials fields which have been assigned to someone else.

  8. The specified initials will be displayed on the document at the same area.
  9. The "Next Submit" caption to show that document is now ready to be submitted (see the step 7). 

  10. Click the "Submit" button. The document is now updated.
    The status of document will be changed from "Pending" to "Updated" and will be available in your main grid. The document owner will also be notified about this action through an email.
    Similarly, you can decline to update this document by clicking the "Decline" button.

1. While updating a pending document, you can also experience certain provisions/ restrictions just like in case of signing a pending document, i.e. printing document, downloading document, adding/ downloading attachments, merging PDFs, etc.
2. You would also need to fill in the (mandatory) form fields before updating, if they have been assigned to you by the document owner.
3. If you delete a pending document from your mail grid without updating/ submitting, it is considered as declined in SigningHub.

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