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Understanding the SigningHub interface

For the sake of understanding, the SigningHub interface can be divided into 5 sections, i.e.
  1. Top Menu  The header section that contains the general options i.e. Home, Settings, Billing, Help, Activity Logs, Notifications, and Logged in member.
  2. Main Grid – The main content area under the top menu that contains all the documents or other browsed information.
  3. Right Menu – The right panel that provides the Document Upload, Library, Cloud, and Bulk Sign options by default. These provisions are substituted with document specific options (i.e. Workflow, Actions, Details, etc.), when a document is selected from the main grid.
  4. Secondary Right Menu – The sub panel of right menu that appears in some cases to display or input certain information (i.e. Verification details, Signing details, Reviewing comments, Email Settings, Comments, Attachments, Permissions, etc.).
  5. Dialog boxes – The onscreen popups that appear in some cases to display specific information or input any prompt details (i.e. Notifications, Document log, etc.

Follow the numbering in the below images to see the respective section of the SigningHub interface.

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