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Configuring post signing activity

SigningHub enables you to configure the post signing activities of a document. In this regard, you can specify the contacts to whom document needs to be sent after the workflow completion, and can customize the content of notification email.

To configure the post signing activity,
  1. Add a document.
  2. Open the document to prepare. 
  3. Scroll the "More Actions" option.
  4. Click the "Post Processing" option from the right menu. The post processing provision will be displayed in the secondary right menu.

  5. Tick the "Send the completed document to selected contacts" check box if you want to configure post processing activities. Once ticked, it will display the "Send To" and "Email Content" tabs.
  6. Specify the contact(s) under the "Send To" tab to whom you want to send the completed document. Click adjacent  to delete any added contact from the list. Click the "Save" button. 

  7. Click the "Email Content" tab to customize the email content that will be sent to the selected contacts along with the completed document. Click the "Save" button.
  8. Click the "Upload to Cloud" tab to configure whether the signed document copy is required to upload on cloud drives or not. Enable the drive(s) i.e. Google Drive, or Dropbox as required and click the "Save" button.
  9. Click the "<Back" button to navigate the previous screen and configure other workflow related details.


1. Contents shown in CAPS within [ ] are system variables and will be filled automatically. You must not edit or delete these variables.
2. The "Upload to Cloud Drive" tab is shown when the cloud drives are enabled from Cloud Drive settings. 
3. The availability of Cloud Drive feature is subject to your subscribed service plan or purchased SigningHub license. If you cannot find this option in your account, upgrade your service plan or contact sales.
4. Whenever a document is shared, the workflow quota of respective account is consumed, and hence the available count is decreased by one.

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