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Service plan

The package of allowed set of services that can be opted by the end users, to use SigningHub is called a service plan. A service plan specifies:
  • Account type (i.e. Individual or Enterprise)
  • Number of allowed digital signatures
  • Number of allowed templates
  • Number of allowed enterprise users (in case of an Enterprise account)
  • Number of allowed workflows
  • Allowed signing features (i.e. Attachments, form filling, Bulk signing, Initials & In-persons, etc.)
  • Allowed document uploading size
  • Allowed document storage limit
  • Type of signature to be produced (i.e. local or server side)
  • Whether OTP enabled or not
  • Billing details (in case of a paid service plan)
SigningHub offers both free and paid service plans to the customers.

Free Service Plan
Free service plan is offered with the following services:
  • Time period: unlimited (never expires)
  • Allowed digital signatures: 5 per month. (The count is reset on 1st of each month)
  • Allowed documents: unlimited
  • Allowed Enterprise users: 3 (in case of Enterprise account)
  • Allowed signing features: Attachments, Form filling, Bulk signing, Initials & In-persons, and Document history
  • Allowed document upload size: 1MB
  • Allowed templates: 3
  • Allowed storage: 50MB

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