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Registering enterprise users

SigningHub enables you to directly register any user into your enterprise without even following the registration and activation processes. Moreover, you can also define the registration state of your enterprise user to enable/ disable their access, see the "Registration Status" table below for details.

To directly register a user, 
  1. Login with the enterprise admin credentials.
  2. Click the "Enterprise" option from the top menu.
  3. Click the "Users" option from the right menu.
  4. The "User" screen will appear listing all your registered enterprise users. 
  5. Click  from the main grid header. The "Register User" dialog will appear.
  6. Specify email id, name, role, mobile number, job title, and company name of the enterprise user in the provided fields. The default role is automatically selected for the new registration, change it as required.
  7. Click the "Save" button.
    The newly registered user will be auto activated in your enterprise with enabled SigningHub access. The user can now log into SigningHub and use the system.

Registration Status Table
Activated & Enabled
This status implies that the user's account is activated and their access is enabled in SigningHub. These users can log into their SigningHub accounts and use the system. 
Activated & Disabled
This status implies that the user's account is activated but their access has been suspended in SigningHub. These users cannot log into their SigningHub accounts till their access is enabled again by the enterprise admin. 

1. ​When the password protection is configured with SigningHub in your subscribed service plan, then the activated user(s) can also log into SigningHub with their non-SigningHub Id(s).
2. ​When the newly registered user tries to log into SigningHub by using the SigningHub ID, they will be sent the activation email to activate their account.

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