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Recalling a document

SigningHub allows your to recall your shared document. This is useful in case you have accidentally initiated a premature workflow or document sign off is no more required. You can recall a shared document at any stage of the workflow, i.e. start, middle, just before completing, etc. The document recalling feature is available to the document owners only.

To recall a shared document,
  1. Click the "Home" tab from the top menu.
  2. Select the shared document from the main grid.

  3. Click the "Recall" option from the right menu. A confirmation dialog will appear click the "Yes" option. 
    • The workflow will be terminated and the document will be reverted back to the "Draft" status.
    • The system will increment the available workflow quota of document owner's account by one.
    • An intimation email will be sent from the document owner to the immediate next configured recipient (in case of a sequential workflow) or to all the configured recipients (in case of a parallel or individual workflow), regarding the termination of workflow.

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