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Configuring permissions to print the document

SigningHub enables you to configure document print permissions for each recipient (signer/ reviewer/ editor). In this way you can allow only choice recipients to print the workflow document and may restrict the others from availing this facility.

To configure document printing permissions for a recipient,
  1. Add a document.
  2. Open the document to prepare.
  3. Add the document signers and reviewers as required.

  4. The list of added recipients is maintained accordingly under the "Workflow Details" section. Click  adjacent to the required recipient, and the "Recipient Settings" provision will appear in the secondary right menu. 
  5. Field to show the recipient name (signer/ reviewer) for whom the permissions are being configured. You can also select other recipients (of the workflow) one by one from here to configure  document printing permissions for them.
  6. Tick the "Allow Print" option, and click the "Save" button.
  7. Click the "Next>" button to continue.
  8. Click the "Share Now>" button to initiate the workflow with these settings. 

Whenever a document is shared, the workflow quota of respective account is consumed, and hence the available count is decreased by one.

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