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Login through Salesforce

In case you don't have a registered SigningHub ID, SigningHub gives you an option to use your Salesforce credentials to log into SigningHub. To use this approach, you should be registered with the Salesforce platform. However, logging in through the Salesforce account for the first time, will take you to the registration screen and display your Salesforce ID (email address) for new registration. After registration you can easily login through your Salesforce account. 

To login through Salesforce account,
  1. Browse from your system.
  2. Click the "Login" option.
  3. Click the "Salesforce" option.
    The Salesforce app will appear in a popup.
  4. Specify your Salesforce ID and password in the app.
  5. Click the "Log into Salesforce" button.
    SigningHub permissions screen will appear.
  6. Click the "Allow" option.
    The system will match your Salesforce and SigningHub IDs, and let you log into SigningHub if both these IDs are same.

​The Salesforce authentication method also supports the Single sign-on (SSO) facility. To use the SSO facility, select the "Salesforce" option from SigningHub>Enterprise>Integrations>Application Integration>Step 7 (Default Authentication Method).

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