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Getting Started

To incorporate digital signatures in your business documentation, you need to get registered with SigningHub platform. SigningHub is available in 2 major denominations, i.e.
  • SigningHub Cloud - Signup from and start using our hosted cloud services for digital signatures. In this regard, you can signup for an Individual account or for an Enterprise account, and may opt to buy predefined service plans according to your need.

  • SigningHub Enterprise - Buy SigningHub license for on-premise deployment and enjoy privately hosted cloud services. You can invite users to join the enterprise and manage their roles/ rights & default settings, and can also remove these users from the system when no longer required.
    Furthermore, you can also integrate and embed the SigningHub functionality easily within your own business application web pages by using the high-level API, so that you can remain in complete control of the branding and the user experience.

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