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Filling in the initials fields before signing

Using initials is almost the same as signing the document, however digital signatures are not embedded in this case. Initials fields can be filled in by hand drawing, text filling or image upload (the same as when signing a field). When you receive a document with initials fields, then you need to first fill in all these fields that are assigned to you. This is to ensure that you have gone through all the important sections of the document, where initials fields were configured. Once you are done, you can sign the document.

To fill in the initials,
  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Open the pending document to sign.

  3. Click the yellow highlighted "Start Navigation" caption and the system will take you to the first initial field.
  4. The initials fields assigned to you will be highlighted in orange color along with your name as shown in the image. Click the field to fill in your initials.

  5. The "Fill Initials Field" provision will appear in the secondary right menu. Select the initials type (Text/ Draw/ Upload) to fill in the field accordingly and click the "Done" button.

  6. The "Fill Initials Field" provision will disappear and the specified initials will be displayed on the document at the same area.
  7. Click the yellow highlighted "Next Fill" caption to move to the next configured initials field for you. 
  8. Repeat the step 7 till the yellow highlighted "Next Fill" caption takes you to your actual signature field. The system wont let you sign unless you fill in all your initials fields in the document. Also you cannot fill in the initials fields which have been assigned to someone else.
  9. Once you are done with initials, proceed to sign the document.


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