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Filling in the form fields before signing

SigningHub enables you to fill in the PDF compliant form fields, if they have been assigned to you by the document owner. Each time a form field is detected, the system will display  (see label 5 on the below image) on the document, which allows the user to save the specified data in the form fields.

To fill in the fields of a PDF form,
  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Open the pending document (PDF form) to sign.
  3. Click the yellow highlighted "Start Navigation" caption and the cursor will start blinking in the first form field that is assigned to you. 
  4. The fields assigned to you will be highlighted in orange color. Also the assignee's name is shown in a tooltip when you take the cursor over any form field. Specify the required data in the field. Click the yellow highlighted "Next Fill" caption to move to the next configured form field for you.
    Repeat the steps 3 & 4 till the yellow highlighted "Next Fill" caption takes you to your actual signature field.
    You cannot leave a field blank, if it has been made mandatory for you by the document owner. Also you cannot specify data in a field which has been assigned to someone else.

  5. Click  after filling in all the assigned fields to save them. You can edit the field's data, as far as document is not signed. Once the document is signed or declined, the system will hide and hence the form fields will be un-editable.
  6. Proceed to sign the document.

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