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Configuring initials fields in a template

SigningHub enables you to configure multiple initials for the document recipients in a template. 

To add the initials field in a template,
  1. In case of a personal template, click the "Settings" option from the top menu.
    Or in case of an enterprise template, click the "Enterprise" option from the top menu.
  2. Click the "Templates" option from the right menu.
  3. Click  from the main grid header. The "Create Template" dialog will appear.
  4. Specify template name and description in the respective fields.
  5. Click the "Select Document" button and browse the template document. The selected document will be opened to configure template details, as shown below.

Please follow the numbering to learn the step by step process of configuring initials for the recipient. 

  1. Add the recipients and/ or placeholders as required.
  2. The list of added recipients and placeholders is maintained accordingly under the "Workflow Details" section. Select the required option from the adjacent fields to mark them as document signer/ reviewer/ editor accordingly.
  3. Click the "Next>" button to continue.

  4. Select each recipient one by one from the "Workflow Details" section, to add the exclusive initials field for them.
  5. Click the "Initials" option and drop it on the document.
    Repeat the step 5 to add multiple initials against a recipient.
  6. A field will be added with the recipient name and the "Initials" caption on the document. You can drag and drop this field anywhere in the document by using mouse. Also use the bottom right corner to re-size the field as required. 
    Now take the cursor on the field, and click  to view and edit its details, or click  to delete the field. See the below images and table for the respective fields description.
  7. Click the "Save Template>" button to continue, or click "<Back" to navigate the previous screen for reconfiguration.
  8. The "Save Template" screen will appear, edit template name and description if required and click the "Save" button to save these configurations.

Initials Table
Replicate Initials tab
Replicate to Pages
Field to show total number of pages of the opened document. Select the page number(s) (of the document) on which initials are required from the signer. This will replicate the initials field on the selected page(s) and display their record in the below grid. After adding, you can manually drag and drop each initials field to the required page location in the document. 
Initials grid
Gird to display the added initials for the signer. Select the unwanted initials and click  icon to remove them.
Field Dimentions tab
Field Dimensions
Set the coordinates/ position (Left, Top, Width & Height) of the initials field. However you can also manually set the coordinates of the initials field through drag and drop.
Always create this field on last page
This check box is only appeared for configuration, when you drop the initials field on the last page of a template document. Tick it if you want to place this field on the last page of workflow document.
Save and Cancel buttons
Click the "Save" button to save these configurations, or click the "Cancel" button to close the dialog.

1. A document recipient (signer/ reviewer/ editor) can have multiple initials.
2. ‚ÄčTo experience the exact settings, it is recommended to use the template (being created) on the same documents. The actual positions of configured signature/ initials/ in-person fields may alter, if this template is applied on different type or size of documents. 

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