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Configuring the collaboration sequence in a template

SigningHub enables you to configure the sequence of signing and reviewing activities in a template.

To configure the sequence in a template,

  1. In case of a personal template, click the "Settings" option from the top menu.
    Or in case of an enterprise template, click the "Enterprise" option from the top menu.
  2. Click the "Templates" option from the right menu.
  3. Click  from the main grid header. The "Create Template" dialog will appear.
  4. Specify template name and description in the respective fields.
  5. Click the "Select Document" button and browse the template document. The selected document will be opened to configure template details.

Please follow the numbering to learn the step by step process of configuring the workflow sequence.

  1. Add signers/ reviewers/ placeholders in the template as required.
  2. The list of added recipients and placeholders is maintained accordingly under the "Workflow Details" caption.
    Drag and drop  adjacent to your desired signer/ group and move it up/ down in the list, according to your document approval flow. When this template is applied to a document, the system will execute the signing process accordingly.
  3. Click the "Next>" button to continue.
  4. Click the "Save Template>" button from next appearing screen.
  5. The "Save Template" screen will appear, edit template name and description if required and click the "Save" button to save these configurations.

1. The set signing order/ sequence is applicable in case of Sequential workflows only.
2. ‚ÄčTo experience the exact settings, it is recommended to use the template (being created) on the same documents. The actual positions of configured signature/ initials/ in-person fields may alter, if this template is applied on different type or size of documents. 

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