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Configuring signers in a template

SigningHub enables you to add signers in a template according to your document approval workflow.

To add signers in a template,
  1. In case of a personal template, click the "Settings" option from the top menu.
    Or in case of an enterprise template, click the "Enterprise" option from the top menu.
  2. Click the "Templates" option from the right menu.
  3. Click  from the main grid header. The "Create Template" dialog will appear.
  4. Specify template name and description in the respective fields.
  5. Click the "Select Document" button and browse the template document. The selected document will be opened to configure template details, as shown below. 

Please follow the numbering to learn the step by step process of adding a document signer.
  1. Specify the signer name under the "Add recipients manually" section. Your personal contacts (and enterprise contacts in case you are an enterprise user) will be listed accordingly for selection. Specify the required contact and click . The recipient will be added under "Workflow Details" (see step 2).
  2. The list of added recipients is maintained accordingly along with other recipients under the "Workflow Details" section. Click the adjacent  to delete a recipient from the workflow. 
    Select the "Signer" option from
    adjacent field to mark the added recipient as a document signer in the workflow. Repeat the steps 1 and 2 to add multiple signers. Based on your document approval flow, you can even add the same signer multiple times in a document.
  3. Click the "Next>" button to continue.

  4. Select each signer one by one from the "Workflow Details" section, to add the exclusive signature field(s) for them.  
  5. After selecting a signer (see step 4), choose whether a digital signature or an electronic signature is required from the signer. Click the "Digital Signature" or the "Electronic Signature" option as required, and drop it on the document. A signature field with the signer name is added on the document.
    You are allowed to add a digital/ eSignatures field multiple times against a signer. However, when you add the second field then the first signing field will be converted to a simple hand signature field, and the second field will become the actual digital/ eSignatures field. Similarly, when you add the third digital/ eSignatures field then the previous two fields will become the simple hand signature fields, and the third field will be the actual digital/ eSignatures field and so on.
  6. In case of an electronic signature, the signature field is marked with "Electronic Signature", while for digital signature the signature field is marked with "Digital Signature". Read more about the electronic and digital signatures.
    You can drag and drop the signature field anywhere in the document by using mouse. Also use the bottom right corner to re-size the field as required
    The system will remember the field size for new signature fields. Now take the cursor to any signature field, and click  to view and edit its details (see step 7), or click  to delete the field.

    In case of a digital signature, the following screen will appear

    In case of an electronic signature, the following screen will appear

  7. Upon clicking  from step 6, a dialog will appear to edit the signature field details. See the below table for the fields description
  8. Click the "Save Template>" button to continue, or click "<Back" to navigate the previous screen for reconfiguration.
  9. The "Save Template" screen will appear, edit the template name and description if required and click the "Save" button to save these configurations.

Signature Fields Table
Authenticate signer via OTP
This field will only appear when you are configuring an electronic signature. Tick it and provide the mobile number of signer in the next appearing field to send them an OTP. When the signer will attempt to sign this document, an OTP will be sent to their (configured) mobile number. The document will be signed only upon providing the correct OTP.
A read-only field to show the signer name and email ID for whom signature field is being configured.
Page (Total)
The "Total" count shows total number of pages of the selected (template) document. Specify the page number (of the document) on which signature is required from the signer. This will move the signature field to the specified page number. However you can also manually move the signature field to the desired page through drag and drop.
Field Dimensions Set the coordinates/ position (Left, Top, Width & Height) of the signature field. However you can also manually move the signature field to the desired position through drag and drop.
Always create this field on last page
This check box is only appeared for configuration, when you drop the signature field on the last page of a template document. Tick it if you want to place this signature field on the last page of workflow document. 
Save and Cancel buttons
Click the "Save" button to save the configurations, or click the "Cancel" button to close the dialog.

1. A hand signature is a simple annotation that is added in the document along with the actual digital/ eSignatures, when multiple digital/ eSignatures fields are configured for the signer.
2. In case a signer is left without adding a signature field, then their signature field can be added while using the template (during document preparation).
3. An electronic signature can also be a witness digital signature, if it is generated by using a witness (shared) certificate. The availability of Witness Digital Signature feature is subject to your subscribed service plan. If you cannot find this option in your account, upgrade your service plan.
4. ‚ÄčTo experience the exact settings, it is recommended to use the template (being created) on the same documents. The actual positions of configured signature/ initials/ in-person fields may alter, if this template is applied on different type or size of documents. 

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