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Configuring enterprise branding

SigningHub enables you to customize the colour scheming of SigningHub interface according to your company brand. In this regard, the enterprise admin can configure company logo and colour scheme for Page Header, Dialog Headers, Action Buttons, Scroll bars, Selected Menu option, Right Panels, List Headers, Document Background, Right Panel Headers and Progress Bars. The emails sent from an enterprise account and from SigningHub to the enterprise users, will also be branded accordingly and will have the company logo in the email headers.

To configure enterprise branding, 
  1. Login with the enterprise admin credentials.
  2. Click the "Enterprise" option from the top menu.
  3. Click the "Branding" option from the right menu.
    The "Branding" screen will appear.
  4. Customize the colour schemes of required sections. The system will display the live preview of customizations accordingly.
  5. Click the "Save" button to apply the changes.
  6. In case you want to revert the changes to their default, click the "Reset to Default" button. 

1. The branding options configured through here (SigningHub web Enterprise Admin account) will be applicable to the post logged-in content. However, the branding options configured from SigningHub Admin will be reflected on the entire interface of SigningHub web (of the same on-premise deployment) that includes the pre logged-in content (i.e. login, register, forget password, etc. pages), as well as the post logged-in content (i.e. the actual SigningHub web application).
2. ‚ÄčThe availability of "Branding" feature is subject to your SigningHub License or subscribed service plan. If you could not find this option, contact sales.

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