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Preparing a document for signing

SigningHub enables you to configure the document approval process (workflow) according to your business needs. You can add signers, reviewers, form fields, initials, in-persons, signature type, signature position, signing sequence, configure reminders and much more in a document workflow. This configuration process is called document preparation.

The set configurations can also be saved in the form of a document template for future use.
The saved template can then be applied on the similar documents for efficient and robust reusability of these workflow configurations.

To prepare a document for signing,

  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Add a document.
  3. Open the document to prepare.
  4. Add the document attachments (as required).
  5. Add the document signers (as required).
  6. Configure the group signing (as required).
  7. Add the document reviewers (as required).
  8. Configure the workflow (signing/ reviewing) sequence (as required).
  9. Configure the permissions to print, downloadaccess, change recipients, add attachments & merging the document (as required). 
  10. Configure the document password, add text fields provision and legal notice for a signer (as required).
  11. Configure the permissions to certify digital signature (as required).
  12. Configure the reminders for a signer (as required).
  13. Configure the signature details, initials fields and in-person fields for a signer (as required).
  14. Configure the form filling settings (as required).
  15. Configure the workflow type (as required).
  16. Configure the email settings and the post signing activity (as required).
  17. Once you are done with the required configurations, share the document to initiate the workflow.
  18. Post the workflow comments (as required).

Whenever a document is shared, the workflow quota of respective account is consumed, and hence the available count is decreased by one.

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