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Configuring certify document settings

SigningHub lets you certify your digital signature. The certified signature is used to restrict the recipients (signers/ reviewers/ editors) to perform only the specific changes in a document, as system wont allow them to perform any other changes.

In this regard, the first signature of the document will be the certified digital signature that will determine the allowed permissions on the document, while the rest of the signatures will be the simple digital signatures. A document having a certified digital signature is called a certified document.

To certify the digital signature,
  1. Add a document.
  2. Open the document to prepare.
  3. Add the document signers and reviewers as required.
  4. Click the "More Actions" option.

  5. Click the "Certify Document" option. The "Certify Document" provision will appear in the secondary right menu.
  6. Tick the "Certify Document" check box, and then select the appropriate value from the drop down. Click the "Save" button. For details, see the "Certify Options" table below.
  7. Click the "<Back" button to navigate the previous screen.

  8. Click the "Next>" button to continue.
  9. Click the "Share Now>" button to initiate the workflow with these settings. 

Certify Options Table
Certify with no changes
Selecting this option will not allow any change in the document after signing. The signers/ reviewers would not be able to add any annotation in the document or fill the pdf form.
Certify with form filling
Selecting this option will allow the signers/ reviewers to only fill in the pdf form after signing. However they would not be able to add any annotation in the document.
Certify with form filling and 
Selecting this option will allow the signers/ reviewers to fill in the pdf form and add annotations in the document after signing.

Whenever a document is shared, the workflow quota of respective account is consumed, and hence the available count is decreased by one.

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