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Changing a recipient during workflow

SigningHub allows you to change the workflow recipients (signers/ reviewers/ editors) even after sharing the document. As far as the configured recipient didn't collaborate (sign/ review/ update) in the document workflow, he/ she can be replaced with another recipient. The recipient changing feature is available to the document owners as well as to those recipients for which such document permissions have been configured. 

To change a recipient during workflow,
  1. Click the "Home" tab from the top menu.
  2. Open the shared/ pending document from the main grid, whose recipient is required to change.

  3. Click  adjacent to the recipient that is required to change.
    In case you are a document recipient, and could not find the  option with the pre-configured recipients, it means you have not been permitted to change the recipient by the document owner.
  4. A dialog will appear showing the name and email ID of pre-configured recipient in editable mode. Specify the email ID of new recipient to replace the previous one and click "Save". 

    The shared document will be recalled from the pre-configured recipient's account, and s/he will be notified through an email by SigningHub. The newly configured recipient will be notified through an email upon their signing turn in the workflow.


1. A signer can be replaced with another signer, as far as s/he has not signed the document.
2. A reviewer can be replaced with another reviewer, as far as s/he has not reviewed the document.
3. An editor can be replaced with another editor, as far as s/he has not updated the document.
4. When a recipient replace himself from the workflow, the document is removed from his main grid and moved to the newly configured recipient's account and shown with the "Pending" status. 
5. While changing the recipient in the workflow, a recipient can not change the pre-configured document permissions (i.e. printing, downloading, accessing securities like password, OTP, time duration, etc.) of a recipient that was initially set by the document owner.
6. A document owner can change the document recipients and their permissions, as far as the recipients didn't collaborate in the workflow.

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