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Using the "Bulk Sign" option

SigningHub provides an efficient, fast and easy way to sign a pile of documents in one go. In this regard, you can use the "Bulk Sign" feature to sign your (multiple) documents (in the "Pending" status) through a single click operation. However, SigningHub does not show those (pending) documents in your bulk signing list, which have:
  • Digital/ Electronic Signature with unprocessed Initials fields, or 
  • Digital/ Electronic Signature with unprocessed In-person fields, or
  • Digital/ Electronic Signature with mandatory assigned form fields, or
  • Workflow initiated with any Reviewer or Editor, or 
  • Electronic Signature with OTP.
To sign multiple documents through bulk signing, please follow the numbering with respective images.
  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu. 
  2. Click the "Bulk Sign" option from the right menu.

  3. The "Bulk Sign" screen will appear, showing the list of all your "Pending" documents along with respective details. Select the documents to sign. 
    Click the "Preview" button to view any document before signing, see the point 6 for the preview screen. 
  4. Tick the "I agree with all of the legal notices for the selected documents." check box. This check box will appear in case a legal notice is configured with any of the selected documents. Such documents will be shown with the "View" button, click this button to see the configured legal notice before signing.
  5. Click the "Sign" button to proceed to the documents signing. The "Sign" button will show the count of the selected documents. 

  6. This is the document preview that can be seen before signing the documents. Click the top right corner to close this preview and return to the signing screen again. 

  7. The "Apply Signature" preferences will appear in the secondary right menu. Specify your preferences for the signature appearance (i.e. signing reason, contact information and location) and click Next. These appearances are managed from SigningHub Admin interface, where customized appearances can also be defined based on your business/ organizational preferences. For details, contact SigningHub support.
    In case of server side signing, the authentication mechanism may vary with respect to your signature settings (i.e. Entrust IdentityGuard authentication, MS Active Directory authentication, Salesforce authentication, MS Office authentication, etc.).

  8. Specify your account password and click the "Sign Now" button. The selected documents will be signed right away.

  9. Click the "Summary" button to view the signed documents. The list of signed documents will be displayed in the secondary right menu.

1. Based on your signature settings, the bulk signing feature supports both the server side signing and the client side signing.
2. The system will prompt to agree with the legal notice, if it is configured with any of the selected documents.
3. The system will prompt for OTP or password before showing the document preview, if it is enabled for any of the selected documents.
4. The availability of "Bulk Sign" feature is subject to your subscribed service plan. If you cannot find this option in your account, upgrade your service plan.

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