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SigningHub At A Glance

SigningHub is unique in combining strong, long-term digital signatures and advanced PKI e-trust services with the latest cloud-based technologies to deliver an easy to use and cost-effective solution.

SigningHub’s comprehensive functionality, enterprise or departmental-level signing policy controls and massive scalability make it the ideal solution for organisations of any size.

So whether you need to sign high-value contracts & agreements with external parties in different jurisdictions, or sign internal management, finance or HR documents for legal compliance, SigningHub is the one central platform flexible enough to meet all your business needs.

  • Cuts paper signing process costs.
  • Increases efficiency, security & legal certainty.
  • Creates advanced, long-term & EU Qualified digital signatures.
  • Sets up simple & complex approval workflows; tracks status, sends notifications & reminders.
  • Signs anytime using server-held credentials or locally-held smart cards, USB tokens or smartphones.
  • Tightly integrates within your own business applications.
  • Deploys on premise or can be used as public/ private cloud service.

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