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Archiving a document

SigningHub allows you to archive your SigningHub documents (whether shared with you by others or shared by you) to clean up the Home main grid. In this regard, the archiving utility could automatically archive the documents after a specific (configurable) time period, or you can also manually archive your documents.

To manually archive your SigningHub document,
  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Click the document name that is required to archive.

  3. Click the "Archive" option from the right menu.
    The document will be archived and removed from the main grid.  

1. A document owner can also archive their document by opening a document, clicking the "More Actions" option, and then clicking the "Archive" option.‚Äč
2. The availability of "Archive" feature is subject to your subscribed service plan. If you could not find this option, contact sales.

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