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Applying workflow template to a document

SigningHub enables you to reuse the predefined workflow configurations on the same documents in the form of a workflow template. When used, the template applies all the workflow related settings (i.e. signers, reviewers, editors, placeholders, signing sequence, signatures fields and their positions, reminders, form fields, permissions, etc.) on the document, making the workflow configuration process efficient and robust. 

The individual users can use their personal templates, while the enterprise users can use their personal as well as their enterprise templates (as maintained by their enterprise admin).

To apply a template on a document,
  1. Add a document.
  2. Open the document to prepare.
  3. Select a template from the "Add recipients via template" field, as shown in the image below. The drop down will show your personal templates (and enterprise templates in case you are an enterprise user).

  4. All the configurations saved in the (selected) template will be applied on the document and displayed in editable mode. Change any configuration if required.
  5. The configured placeholders in a template will be shown within the "[ ]" as marked with an arrow on the image below. A placeholder is a recipient that needs to be added during document preparation mode. Click the placeholder from the right menu to assign an actual recipient from your contacts list. In case a placeholder is configured as a signer in the template, then you will have to add a signature field as well. 
  6. Click "Next>" to proceed further.

  7. Click the "Share Now>" button to initiate the workflow with the selected template configurations, or click "<Back" to navigate the previous screen for reconfiguration.

1. To experience the exact settings, it is recommended to apply a template on the same documents (for which it was created). The actual positions of configured signature/ initials/ in-person fields may alter, if a template is applied on different type or size of documents.
2. When a locked template is applied on a document, SigningHub wont allow to change any predefined configurations. For more details, see locking a template.
3. Whenever a document is shared, the workflow quota of respective account is consumed, and hence the available count is decreased by one.

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