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Agreeing to the legal notice

A legal notice is used to define certain terms and conditions that must be agreed by the signer, before signing a pending document. You will be prompted to agree with the legal notice, if it has been configured by the respective document owner.

To agree with the legal notice,

  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Open the pending document to sign.
  3. Click the signature field assigned to you. It will be highlighted with the "Start Navigation" caption.
  4. The system will display the legal notice as shown below, if it has been configured by the document owner. Click the "Agree" button to proceed to the signing provision.

 The system wont display the signing provision unless you click the "Agree" button. If you do not agree with the specified legal notice or have got reservations on its clauses, contact the document owner.

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