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Advanced searching of documents

You can search your documents from the main grid on the basis of "Document Name" or "Document Owner's Name". For this,

  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Specify "Document Name" or "Document Owner's Name" in the search field and click . 
    The system will retrieve the list of relevant documents in the search records.
However, if you have documents in bulk and its hard for you to find the required document from your documents list, you can use the "Advanced Search" option. This will enable you to input multiple parameters to reach the exact document.

To use the "Advanced Search" option,
  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Clickadjacent to the search field. The "Advanced Search" dialog will appear, as shown below.

  3. Specify the available information in the respective fields and click the "Search" button. The system will retrieve the documents by incorporating all the input parameters in the search.

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