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Adding text fields before signing

During workflow configuration, if the document owner has permitted you to add textual notes in the document, then you will see the "Add Text" option. When specified, the added text will become the permanent part of the signed PDF document.

To add text field in a document,
  1. Click the "Home" option from the top menu.
  2. Open the pending document to sign.
  3. Click the "More Actions" option
  4. Click the "Add Text" option from the right menu.
    In case, you could not find the "Add Text" option, it means you are not permitted by the document owner.

  5. A blank text field will be added in the document. Drag and drop the text field at a suitable area in the document, and use bottom right corner to re-size the text field as required. Specify the text in the field and click . Once saved, the text cannot be deleted from the document.
  6. Repeat the steps 4 and 5 to add multiple text fields.
  7. Proceed to sign the document.


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