September 2022

New Features

  • Delegation for multiple time frames / multiple persons (SHE-22888)
    • SigningHub now provides an option for recipients to delegate the signing of documents to multiple persons and multiple schedules.
  • SMS usage report (SHE-31310)
    • SigningHub has been enhanced to allow Admins to see details of SMS usage for each individual/enterprise account. This report can be filtered on different "search criteriaā€¯ and the results can be exported to Excel.
  • Business Applications perform actions on behalf of users using REST APIs (SHE-32303, SHE-32470)
    • SigningHub now provides business applications the ability to perform actions on behalf of enterprise users to simplify integrations.
  • Separate licensing for PKI and non-PKI signatures (SHE-32714)
    • SigningHub now provides the ability to separate the PKI based and Non-PKI based Signatures, this enables organisations the ability to report on the different types of signatures being used within their deployments. Reports have been enhanced to see separate counts for both types of signatures at the system and enterprise levels.
  • Support for uploading documents via File System in iOS (SHE-32539)
    • SigningHub now provides the ability to upload documents via File System on iOS Native App.

Improvements in this Release

  • Mandatory Attachments for a Workflow (SHE-32555)
    • Document Owners can now mandate specific attachments be provided by signers for documents in a workflow.
  • Hide Signing Dialogue while Signing (SHE-32258)
    • SigningHub now provides the ability to hide the Signing dialogue while performing a signature. Enterprise admin could enable/disable it via enterprise role settings.
  • Import certificate while adding/updating a custom signing capacity (SHE-32357)
    • SigningHub now provides an option for administrators to import the certificate along with the alias while adding/updating the custom signing capacity.
  • The Default Level of Assurance for an Enterprise Role (SHE-31519)
    • SigningHub now provides Enterprise admin the ability to set the Default Level of Assurance for an Enterprise Role.
  • SAML authentication custom attribute mapping (SHE-30515)
    • SigningHub now supports both 'Email' and 'Name' as outgoing claim attributes to map email addresses and names when using SAML authentication.
  • Mark Service Agreement as optional (SHE-33216)
    • SigningHub now provides an Administrator the ability to make Server Agreement (Terms of Service and Privacy Policy) optional for Login, Sign-up, etc.
  • Fetch Enterprise ID information using REST APIs (SHE-32263)
    • SigningHub Get Account, Get Accounts, Get General Profile Information, and Get Enterprise Invitations REST APIs now sends Enterprise ID along with other information in response.
  • Update Recipient Improvements (SHE-30031)
    • SigningHub has improved the user experience to ask for the consent of the user before updating the recipient. 
  • Support Bank ID Authentication via National ID (SHE-33420)
    • SigningHub now enables you to use your Bank ID to log in based on your National ID in case Email is not available.
  • Support for customized attributes in signature appearance (SHE-32439)
    • SigningHub now supports multi-line text, custom text, custom time zone, custom date format, font style, font color, and custom positioning of attributes in Signature Appearance.
  • Signature appearance for signing server (SHE-32824)
    • SigningHub now provides an Enterprise admin the ability to mandate the specific signature appearance against the signing server for digitally signing documents.
  • Improvement in Client-Side Signing (SHE-33602)
    • SigningHub has improved the parallel signing. Two recipients can not perform signing simultaneously for the same document.
  • Flatten Locked document form fields (SHE-33255)
    • Locked document form fields are flattened so that they cannot be edited when viewed in browsers.
  • XML Signature updates (SHE-29239)
    • "XAdES Extended" signatures have now been replaced with "XAdES-Baseline-LTA" ETSI compliant signatures.For backward compatibility with ADSS Server version, 6.9 or lower please consult the product documentation for further details.
  • Notify users of SigningHub (iOS) & (Android) apps update (SHE-22684)
    • SigningHub (iOS) & (Android) apps now notify users when the latest version of the app is available that is compatible SigningHub.
  • Architectural Improvements for SigningHub Enterprise Website Integration Demo (SHE-32221)
    • This release brings architectural improvements for the SigningHub Enterprise Website Integration Demo.
  • Performance & Security Improvements (SHE-33058, SHE-31706, SHE-32741, SHE-32669, SHE-26774,SHE-26264, SHE-33340, SHE-34293)
    • This release brings several performance improvements in different areas of SigningHub including SigningHub Admin, Workflows, Log-in, and authentications.
    • Google Invisible captcha has replaced the existing google captcha to restrict any machine-based login attempts, activation, resend the activation email, setting a new password, forgot password and document opening without login via the email link in case of OTP/Password permission has been configured.
    • SigningHub now provides administrators the ability to specify the OTP Expiry at the Service Plan level. So, the OTP will auto-expire for end users after a certain period.
    • SigningHub now reduces the expiry time for its cookie consent.
    • SigningHub API now supports Custom CORS Policy.

New Database Support

  • Oracle Database 19c Support
    • SigningHub now supports Oracle Database 19c.

Deprecated Features and Important Changes

  1. From SigningHub 8.3 onwards, previously configured Google Captcha will not work and the system administrators need to reconfigure connector details according to Invisible Captcha details.
  2. From SigningHub 8.3 onwards. previously configured SigningHub Enterprise Website Integration Demo will not work and the system administrators need to associate the template against the library document that is being used in Integration Demo.
  3. From SigningHub 8.3 onwards, Get Signature Delegate Setting and Update Signature Delegate Setting API for SigningHub version 8.2 will not work with 8.3 version of Native Apps (iOS, Android)and Mobile Web and vice versa.
  4. From SigningHub 8.3 onwards, Enterprise Management APIs can be executed using Client Credentials with User as Scope or User Credentials based on rights in role.
  5. SigningHub no longer supports Oracle 12c.

Tested Operating Systems

Operating System

Tested Version(s)


  • Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022

Microsoft Windows Server 2022.

Note: TLS 1.3 is enabled by default for installation of Windows Server 2022, integrated applications should support this version of TLS. For application integrations that do not support this and need to be updated, customers can disable TLS 1.3 over TCP in the IIS Bindings.

Tested Database Server

Database Server

Tested Version(s)


  • SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016 (Express, Standard and Enterprise Editions)
  • Azure SQL Database (Database-as-a-service)


  • Database 19c

Customers who are running SigningHub with Microsoft SQL Server 2016, need to upgrade the database instance to service pack 2. To download service pack 2, Microsoft's Download Center.

Supported Upgrades

Ascertia SigningHub 8.3 supports the following upgrade paths:

Upgrade Paths


7.7.8 to 8.3

  • Manuals steps are required as mentioned in SigningHub Upgrade guide - 7.7.x to 8.x.x *

7.7.9 to 8.3

  • Manuals steps are required as mentioned in SigningHub Upgrade guide - 7.7.x to 8.x.x *

8.0 to 8.3

  • No manual steps required.

8.1 to 8.3

  • No manual steps required.

8.2 to 8.3

  • No manual steps required.

 * SigningHub Upgrade guide - 7.7.x to 8.x.x, this document can be found on Ascertia Community portal in the documentation section for SigningHub or in the docs folder of the SigningHub 8.3 product release.

If you required further assistance with upgrading SigningHub, please contact Ascertia customer support.

Supported ADSS Server




  • All features are supported

  • Add "XADES_SIGNATURE_TYPE" key, with value "ES-X-L", to perform a XAdES Extended signature (SHE-32780)

  • Add "XADES_SIGNATURE_TYPE" key, with value "ES-X-L", to perform a XAdES Extended signature (SHE-32780)
  • Reset password for a CSP user without user authentication (SHE-27631)
  • Automatic download of the eSeal certificate from ADSS Server for provided Certificate Alias (SHE-28471)

Compatibility with Earlier Versions of SigningHub

SigningHub (iOS) & (Android) 8.3 are compatible with the 8.2 version of SigningHub except for the following features that are not supported:

  • Delegation for multiple time frames / multiple persons


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