SigningHub is a high trust digital signing solution for all your paperless business transactions. It is ideal for those organisations that recognise the value of using cryptographic digital signatures to protect their users and their documents against unauthorised or accidental or fraudulent changes.

The SigningHub for Salesforce app is used to integrate the Salesforce and SigningHub platforms, so that users may securely send, sign, verify and track their documents directly from their Salesforce accounts. 

For this you need to have a SigningHub Enterprise account and a Salesforce account. The app installs within the Salesforce account and allows the account owners to share their Office and PDF documents with others for review and digital signing.

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‚ÄčA new user experience

The GUI of SigningHub apps has been enhanced  to make each system interaction more logical and clear, whether you are sending your first document, or you have been using SigningHub for years. With our new user experience, you can streamline your common actions and use your key capabilities even more efficiently through simplified screens. 

Supported Salesforce entities

You can share documents of the following Salesforce entities:

Accounts, Contacts, Contracts, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Quotes, Events, Tasks, Orders, Campaigns, and Custom Entities.

Other integrated apps

Apart from this, SigningHub allows integration with the following third party apps:

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